(Thanks to Samantha Grayson)

SuperPowers in My Fairyland on Facebook are additional powers gained from various achievements.

SuperPowers after achieving particular levelsEdit

Level 1: 5 diamonds

You can cast unlimited spells (at no cost) and sprinkle unlimited fairy dust (if you have bought or found it)
You can buy gold dust, which costs 6 gold and gives 5 gold to a person sprinkled

Level 2: 10 diamonds Currently no new superpower

Level 3: 15 Diamonds

You can cast spells on yourself
You can turn into diamonds any worm produced in alchemy

Level 4: 20 diamonds

You can turn into gold any frog produced in alchemy

Level 5: 25 diamonds

Your garden becomes public if it was not already.
You are able to buy the mini mushroom game when you have the required number of diamonds


Having 25 or more diamonds

You can buy diamond dust, which costs 6 diamonds and can speed plant growth or give 5 diamonds to a person sprinkled

Finding all ten elixirs in Herbalism:

You can buy the Snail Racing game
Free pots for ever
Five gold for each snail