In Fairyland you benefit by having friends.

The "All Gardens" link takes you to a page with three lists, each shown in descending order of thirstiness. The left-hand column has a list of your Facebook friends who are also playing. It is created automatically, with no need to ask them to click any consent or other link.

The additional benefit of having friends is that each garden has a gold coin or two concealed on its owners' page about half a day after the last gold was claimed. Only a friend can claim the gold.


If you want more Fairyland friends, you need to get one of these:

  • Facebook friends to start playing - just encourage them!
  • Players to become Facebook friends - usually easier, because there are many other players also wanting more friends

See the requests page, but check potential friends out. Anyone who has not got past level 1 and seems to be active in nothing else may be a scammer.

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