Fairyland players can choose favourite gardens from among the gardens they visit. When visiting, click the "Add To Favourites" option below the owners' names. You will probably see the message:

"This Garden has been added to your favorites!"

If you already have 25 favourites, you will instead see a message telling you about the limit. You may then choose to remove one or two to make room.


That garden's news will say your fairy "added this as a Favourite Garden!".

Favourites show in the middle column of the "All Gardens" page under the heading "Your Favourite Gardens". Each has a link "Remove From Favourites".

Early notice of wiltingEdit

As soon as any plant wilts, the garden will show near the top of the list, with the brown "3" icon, which gives you a 4-hour start on the "public", very handy if you have a need to find a wilter.